Date Author Doctorate Name Download
26.05.2023. Matthew Thomas "Features of the newly formed bone of the alveolar ridge after administration of injectable biphasic calcium phosphate" [PDF]
02.05.2023. Zvonimir Bosnić "Interleukin 17A and IL-37 as markers of phenotypic subtypes of type 2 diabetes" [PDF]
11.04.2023. Marko Tomljanović "Trimethylation of lysine 27 in histones H3 (H3K27me3) in the response of cancer cells to cisplatin under conditions in vitro [PDF]
04.04.2023. Kristina Vuković Đerfi "Association of MSI and EMAST microsatellite instabilities with tlr4 receptor in tumorigenesis of sporadic colon cancer “ [PDF]
04.04.2023. Iva Bazina "Systemic effect of Tff3 protein deficiency in mouse model of long-term high-fat diet" [PDF]
22.02.2023. Christine Supina Pavić "The role of THE ACRC protease and nucleotide-excretory repair pathway in repairing DNA-protein cross-linkages “ [PDF]
30.01.2023. Nikolina Piteša "Interaction of ras/raf/mapk signalpaths and hedgehog-gli in drug resistance in human melanoma cell lines “ [PDF]
19.01.2023. Jasminka Bektić Hodžić "Influence of olanzapine and risperidone on platelet and metabolic indicators in subjects with schizophrenia" [PDF]
02.12.2022. Marija Mijoč "Increasing the sensitivity of tumor cells to therapy by modulating the activity of transporters ABCB1 and ABCG2 Diaza crown ethers and primaquine derivatives" [PDF]
04.11.2022. Josip Tadić "Resistance of wild and cultivated olive genotypes to increased salinity and drought" [PDF]
12.10.2022. Domagoj Caban "Gene mutations in hepatocytic nuclear factors in monogenic diabetes in Croatia" [PDF]
27.09.2022. Ivana Giovanna Zupičić "The diversity of Vibrio harveyi extracted from farmed fish sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and mosquito (Sparus aurata) in the Mediterranean." [PDF]
15.07.2022. Leona Radmanić "The role of the biological response modulator in immunopathogenesis of chronic hepatitis C virus infection". [PDF]
14.07.2022. Ana Vuković "Biochemical and molecular mechanisms of the response of wheat germs to selenium". [PDF]
11.07.2022. Nina Čorak "Differential gene expression and evolutionary characteristics of Borrelia burgdorferi morphotypes". [PDF]
27.06.2022. Petra Šimičić "Molecular epidemiology and primary resistance of hepatitis C virus to directly acting antiviral drugs in Croatia". [PDF]
23.05.2022. Nikolina Vidan Rogulj "The role of taf14 protein from the YEATS family in response to cellular stress" [PDF]
09.05.2022. Marko Lilić "Molecular determination of RHD allele in the population of serological RhD negative blood donors of northwestern Croatia" [PDF]
30.03.2022. Tatiana Keresh "Association between gene polymorphism for metilentetrahydrofolate reductase and abo system with the risk of pulmonary embolism" [PDF]
26.01.2022. Evely's Despot Slade "Characterization and evolution of centromere in nematodes of the genus Meloidogyne" [PDF]
14.01.2022. Vlatka Kovac "Association of gene polymorphisms for type B monoamine oxidase, dopamine-beta-hydroxylase and catechol-o-methyl transferase with various forms of aggressive behavior in adolescents" [PDF]
20.07.2021. Senka Repovečki "Association of platelet monoaminoxidase activity of type B with clinical symptoms in post-traumatic stress disorder" [PDF]
01.07.2021. Ivan Štefanac "The role of the HH-GLI signaling pathway in prostate cancer" [PDF]
28.05.2021. Katarina Tomulić Brusich "The role of lipid peroxidation in the mechanisms of hepatic graft rejection" [PDF]
14.05.2021. Ivana Acan "The role of lipid peroxidation in the mechanism of hepatocellular carcinoma formation" [PDF]
29.03.2021. Helena Car "Detection of the presence of HLA class IgA antibodies in subjects with a previous immunizing event" [PDF]
18.02.2021. Ida Linic "The role of specialized metabolites in brassicaceae brassicaceae's response to salt stress" [PDF]
12.02.2021. Tihana De Zan "The role of RhoD and KIF20B proteins in the sensitivity of tumor cell lines to anticancer drugs" [PDF]
30.12.2020. Davor Nestić "Characterization of the entry of type 26 adenovirus into the cells of the epithelium of man" [PDF]
14.12.2020. Viktor Bojović "New parameters for assessing the complexity of classification variables and their application in modelling the properties of molecules" [PDF]
11.12.2020. Jasmina Isaković "Interaction of glial cells and electromagnetic fields in neurological disorders and restoration of the central nervous system" [PDF]
26.11.2020. Antonio Sermek "Impact of development and heat stress on satellite DNA transcription in the maroon flourer Tribolium castaneum Herbst" [PDF]
19.11.2020. Marija Čuljak "The role of cytokines in Alzheimer's disease" [PDF]
25.09.2020. Tena Gržan "Centromeric epigenetics of species of the genus Tribolium" [PDF]
17.06.2020. Haris Emperor "In vitro synergy and become thebiotic effect of colistin in combination with vancomycin and meropenem towards carbapenem-resistant gram-negative bacteria with multiple carbapenemases" [PDF]
05.06.2020 Maja Pešić Impact of midazolam premedication for the egg aspiration procedure on stress levels during medically assisted fertilization [PDF]
25.10.2019. Krešimir Puljic 'Determination of the significance of prolactin as a possible indicator of aggression in schizophrenic patients' [PDF]
11.09.2019. Zeliira Filić "Investigation of the biological role of SsbB proteins in chromosome segregation during the reproductive phase of Streptomyces coelicolor" [PDF]
20.03.2019. Ana Josipović "Regulatory mechanisms of photosynthetic effectiveness of soy genotypes during different stages of development influenced by drought stress" [PDF]
14.02.2019. Ana Dekanic "The impact of silencing integrin subunits α in human melanoma cells on susceptibility to anticancer drugs and mobility" [PDF]
15.01.2019. Antonela Markulj Kulundžić "Biochemical mechanisms for regulating the effectiveness of photosystem II in sunflower leaves under the influence of environmental stress" [PDF]
20.12.2018. Lucia Nanic "Impact of antioxidants reservatrol and melatonin and young fibroblast transplants on tissue homeostasis change and regeneration in rat aging" [PDF]
14.12.2018. Jelena Dragojević "Characterization of organic anion transporters in zebrafish (Danio Rerio Hamilton, 1822)" [PDF]
19.11.2018. Ines Trninić "Cellular distribution of protein conjugates of 4-hydroxy-2-nonenals in human meningeal tumors" [PDF]
11.10.2018. Nikolina Hanžić "Functional interactions between p53 and the family of proteins p53/p73, NME and GLI in human melanoma" [PDF]
25.09.2018. Ksenija Bozinovic "Identification of specific epigenetic biomarkers in HPV-Positive head and neck squamous cell carcinoma" [PDF]
13.04.2018. Mario Franić "Effects of cadmium on photosynthetic parameters in different maize genotypes" [PDF]
27.03.2018. Lidija Barušić 'Assessment of the health safety of selected dietary supplements and their toxicological effect in vivo' [PDF]
16.03.2018. Vlatko Galić Analysis of the locus of quantitative properties and genomic selection for grain yield in the test-crosses of the IBMSyn4 maize population [PDF]
03.11.2017. Ivana Lepen Pleić Molecular characterization and expression analysis of pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-1β, TNFα1 and TNFα2 in cage-reared Atlantic bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus (L. 1758) [PDF]
22.09.2017. Marina Horvatiček Impact of supplementation of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on C-peptide concentration in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes [PDF]
09.06.2017. Iva Pavlović The role of auxin and stress hormones in the response of brassicas (Brassicaceae) to increased salinity [PDF]
09.06.2017. Marijana Jukić Anticancer effects of new N-9-sulfonylpurin derivatives in vitro [PDF]
05.06.2017. Mirjana Babić Leko Predictive value of biological markers in early detection and differential diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease [PDF]
16.05.2017. Vedrana Ivić Link between low-grade inflammation and development of resistance to leptin and insulin in the brains of adult obese Sprague-Dawley rats treated with metformin and lyraglutide [PDF]
11.07.2016. Ines Mihaljević Photochemical mechanisms of adaptation of apple cultivars to environmental stress conditions caused by elevated temperature and excess light [PDF]
10.06.2016. Dejana Carić Study of the influence of vesicles on enzymatic polymerization of aniline by the method of electron paramagnetic resonance [PDF]
19.05.2016. Antonia Jakovčević Presence of 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal (HNE) in squamous oropharynx cancer [PDF]
08.04.2016. Mirna Halasz Molecular markers in taxonomy of freshwater sponges in the Adriatic calcareous sponges [PDF]
18.01.2016. Renata Hanzer Functional analysis of the domain of PEPE protein TROL from the plant Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) and its role in the regulation of photosynthesis [PDF]
15.09.2015. Željka Trumbić Development and application of DNA Microarray for gene expression profiling in captive atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus Thynnus L., 1758) [PDF]
10.07.2015. Senka Blažetić Distribution of basic microeuron chemical phenotypes in the brain 3 genetically modified mouse models with st3Gal2, St3Gal3 and St3Gal3 switched off genes [PDF]
10.07.2015. Martin Varga Physiological response of the species Lemna motion to the action of ion colloidal silver [PDF]
02.07.2015. Ivan Mihaljević Characterization of organic cation transporters in zebrafish (Danio rerio Hamilton, 1822) [PDF]
30.06.2015. Petra Marić Ecotoxicological characterization of cyanobacteria and invasive algae from the genus Caulerpa using the concept of effects-directed analyses (EDA) [PDF]
22.05.2015. Angela Horvat Influence of protein ΔNp73α on cell cycle control after DNA damage in human cells [PDF]
21.05.2015. Matea Nikolac Perković The role of the brain neurotrophic factor in dementia [PDF]
15.05.2015. Vida Chadež Biomineral structures of marine invertebrates aragonites:morphological, structural and biochemical features [PDF]
12.05.2015. Josip Barišić Variation of the fatty-acid composition of lipid fractions and the antioxidant status of the European flat oyster (Ostrea edulis L.) during the year [PDF]
08.05.2015. Ivana Škrinjar Assessment of the link between interleukin 6 levels and serum and saliva tumor necrosis factors with the outcome of the disease in people with oral cancer [PDF]
10.04.2015. Martina Pavlek Mechanisms of satellite DNA sequence dynamics in complex genomes [PDF]
24.03.2015. Diana Trnski The role of protein-kinase GSK3β in the activation of the Hedgehog-Gli signaling pathway in human colon cancer cells [PDF]
13.02.2015. Valentina Bušić New environmentally friendly methods of quaternization of pyridine derivatives [PDF]
22.12.2014. Marina Cindrić Biomodulation of blood-brain barrier permeability 4-hydroxynonenal in vitro [PDF]
23.10.2014. Zorana Katanic Identification and molecular characterization of elm phytoplasm 'Candidatus Phytoplasma ulmi' in Croatia [PDF]
07.10.2014. Vlatka Antolović "Investigation of cell motion within the generalized Langevin model in protist Dictyostelium discoideum Raper (1935)" [PDF]
24.07.2014. Nikolina Stojanović "Resistance to anticancer drugs mediated by integrin α v β 3 in the cells of the squamous epithelial epithelium of the human tongue" [PDF]
22.07.2014. Lidija Milković "Beneficial effects of lipid peroxidation in the bone cell growth on bioactive glass – New perspectives in tissue engineeringand regenerative medicine" [PDF]
18.07.2014. Emilia Zapletal "Dipeptidyl-peptidase 9 (DPP9) in mouse cells of macrophagous and lymphocytic origin" [PDF]
14.07.2014. Vesna Sredoja Tišma "The role of oxidative stress and acrolein in patients with small blood vessel vasculitis" [PDF]
26.05.2014. Erna Davidović Cvetko "Bone metabolism in the population of young people aged 20 to 30: Impact of lifestyle and physical activity" [PDF]
21.05.2014. Amir Ibrahimagić "Epidemiology of infections caused by gram-negative bacteria producing β-lactamase of the extended spectrum, plasmid AmpC β-lactamase and carbapenemase in hospital and outpatient patients" [PDF]
13.02.2014. Marta Popović "Identification, characterization and ecotoxicological relevance of membrane transport protein families SLC21 and SLC22 in zebrafish (Danio rerio Hamilton, 1822)" [PDF]
12.12.2013. Dunja Šamec "Phytochemical and genetic research of endemic species Teucrium arduini, Moltkia petraea, Micromeria croatica and Rhamnus intermedia" [PDF]
29.11.2013. Helena Bilandžija "The molecular evolution of the cave animals" [PDF]
06.09.2013. Tina Paradžik "Molecular characterization, functional and phylogenetic analysis of paralogous SSB proteins from Streptomyces coelicolor" [PDF]
23.07.2013. Luka Andrisic "Mechanisms of cellular toxicity caused by multiple unsaturated fatty acids-access to yeast" [PDF]
18.07.2013. Sanda Šć, Ph.D. "Influence of extracellular matrix and oxidative stress on the growth and differentiation of breast cancer stem cells" [PDF]
12.07.2013. Valentina Pavić "Variations in the composition of lipid rafts of the brain of long-liver trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and common carp (Cyprinus carpio) as the basis of different adaptation to seasonal temperature changes" [PDF]
19.06.2013. Maro Bujak "The role of the p38 MAPK signal pathway in the development of Dupuytren's contracture" [PDF]
28.05.2013. Petar Ozretić "Functional analysis of the 5 ́ untranslated region of the PTCH1 gene, transcript variant 1b " [PDF]
20.05.2013. Eva Šatović "Organization of repeated DNA sequences in the genomes of three types of bivalves" [PDF]
16.05.2013. Selma Mlinarić "Photosynthetic efficiency and antioxidant response of young and developed fig leaves (Ficus empress L.) in conditions of light stress" [PDF]
02.05.2013. Dr. Sc. Mislav Novokmet "The role of transcription factor HNF1A in glycosylation of plasma proteins" [PDF]
22.04.2013. Dr. Sc. Teuta Opačak-Bernardi "Effects of dnMAML peptide on glioblastoma cells" [PDF]
18.04.2013. Dr. Sc. Dubravka Špoljarić "Oxidative stress in chlorella kessleri algae cells caused by toxic contaminants in waters" [PDF]
17.04.2013. Dr. Sc. Rosemary Vuković "The effect of inducing crypt gene expression on phenolic compounds synthesis and the antioxidant status of the transgenic root of ornamental nettle (Coleus blumei Benth.)" [PDF]
16.04.2013. Dr. Sc. Lidija Begović "Anatomical, physiological and molecular markers of lignification in the development of the stalk of goat barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)" [PDF]
15.04.2013. Dr. Sc. Gordana Nedić Erjavec Monoamine oxidase type B, catechol-o-methyl transferase, dopamine beta-hydroxylase and dopamine receptor D4 in alcoholism and phenotypes associated with alcoholism [PDF]
22.03.2013. Jasenka Antunović Impact of extreme drying on the biochemical and physiological features of barley germs (Hordeum vulgare L.) grown in low and bright lighting [PDF]
21.03.2013. Ane-Matea Mikecin The effect of thermally targeted p21-mimetic polypeptide on androgen independent prostate cancer cell lines [PDF]
15.11.2012. Josip Brajković Characteristics and distribution of TCAST satellite DNA in Tribolium castaneum euchromatin and its possible role in gene expression. [PDF]
12.10.2012. Magdalena Perić Toll-like receptor polymorphisms 2 and 4 in chronic hepatitis C patients [PDF]
03.07.2012. Marija Viljevac Genetic variability of the cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) and photosynthetic effectiveness in drought conditions [PDF]
29.06.2012. Srdjan Vucinic Proteomic approach to researching molecular mechanisms of macular degeneration development on rat in vivo model [PDF]
11.06.2012 Katarina Mišković "Biological effects of new monometic cyanine derivatives" [PDF]
20.03.2012. Miroslav Lisjak Interactions of H2S and NO in signal transmission in the leaves of the orchard (Arabidopsis thaliana L.) and peppers (Capsicum anuum L.) [PDF]
25.10.2011 Zvonimir Užarević "Hh-Gli signaling pathway activity in estrogen-dependent (MCF-7) and estrogen-independent (Sk-Br-3) breast tumor cell lines" [PDF]
26.09.2011 Andrijana Eđed 'Varietal specificity of cadmium, zinc and iron accumulation in winter wheat grain (Triticum aestivum L.)' [PDF]
10.03.2011. Sonja Petrović Genetic diversity of winter bread wheat germplasm (Triticum aestivum L.ssp.vulgare) [PDF]
16.11.2010. Valentina Španić Wheat genotype variability (Triticum aestivum L.) with respect to FHB resistance and genetic divergentness [PDF]

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