Projects of the Croatian Science Foundation in which they participate as researchers or are leaders of mobi studies

CipherProjectPrincipal InvestigatorTeacher - researcher on the project
IP-2020-02-3617Determination of the roles of aquaporine 3 and 5 in the development of breast tumor resistance to oxidative stressDoc. Dr. Sc. Ana Čipak-Gasparović, senior minister. associateDoc. Dr. Sc. Ana Čipak-Gasparović, senior minister. associate
HRZZ 5707Genetics and physiology of tolerance to multiple stress in Domagoj Šimić Domagoj Šimić, Vera Cesar
HRZZ 8290Assessment of adaptability of croatian maize and soybean varieties in the function of breeding for drought Ivan Domagoj Šimić
HRZZ 2178Genetic improvement and optimization of wheat gender Dario Novoselović Geoerg Drezner, Jasenka Ćosić, Karolina Vrandečić, Zdenko Loncaric
HRZZ 4359Phytohormones in the abiotic stress of brassicas: the mechanism of tolerance and Branka Salopek Branka Salopek Probdi, Hrvoje Lepeduš, Snjezana Mihaljević
HRZZ 6229MATH-BTB proteins as regulators of transcription and RNA mediated DNA methylation in plant Dunja Leljak Levanić Branka Salopek Probdi, Snjezana Mihaljević
HRZZ 1172Molecular mechanisms of alternative electron distribution in Hrvoje Hrvoje Lepeduš
HRZZ 4404NRF2 at the crossroads of epigenetic modeling, metabolism and proliferation of cancer Coral Gall Troš Coral Gall Trošelj, Neven Žarković, Ana Čipak Gasparović, Paško Konjevoda
HRZZ 6090Molecular aspects of oxidative processes in Mario Coral Gall Trošelj
HRZZ 9310Non-covalent interactions in the design of new photosensitive Davor Coral Gall Trošelj
HRZZ 2000Creating wheat for the future-searching for new genes from existing Sonja Petrović Sonja Petrović, Andrijana Rebekić, Ph.D., Sonja Vila (Marić)
HRZZ 2465Molecular mechanisms of increasing susceptibility to anticancer drugs of breast cancer cells and human melanoma by silencing Andreja Ambriović Andreja Ambriović Ristov
HRZZ 3912Understanding the path of entry of type 26 Adenovirus into the cell: a way to improve the vaccine Dragomir Andreja Ambriović Ristov
HRZZ 1615Discovering new protein interactions as the basis for new approaches to the treatment of human Neda Neda Slade, Maja Herak Bosnar, Sonja Levanat, Ph.D.
HRZZ 4021Structure, function and evolution of Nme6/Nm23-H6 Maja Herak Maja Herak Bosnar, Neda Slade
HRZZ 7046Hybride silicon nanostructures for Mile Mile Ivanda
HRZZ 1108Characterization of low-temperature molecular dynamics of the system with unedited grid method Marina Ilakovac Marina Ilakovac Kveder
HRZZ 2334Nano-grids of quantum dots in glass: From self-regulation to energy conversion and hydrogen Maja Ivančica Bogdanović Radovic
HRZZ 1698Development of capillary microprobe for MeV SIMS with application to biological materials Ivančica Bogdanović Ivančica Bogdanović Radovic
HRZZ 4806Identification and functional characterization of (eco)toxicologically important polyspecific membrane transport proteins in zebrafish Danio Company Company Smital
HRZZ 1321Application of food industry by-products for the development of functional and environmentally friendly extruded products and Drago Šubarić Drago Šubarić, Aloysius Lalić, Ph.D. Đurđica Ačkar
HRZZ 1477Multifunctional reading of DNA/ RNA secondary structure by molecular chemical Ivo Ivo Piantanida
HRZZ 6380Disturbed vasorelacization and endothelial-leukocytic interaction (ELI) in the development of atherosclerotic Ines Ines Drenjancevic, Domagoj Drenjancevic
HRZZ 7899Synthesis, structural analysis and biological evaluation of peptideomimetics and Srdjanka Tomic-Pisarović Teuta Opačak Bernardi
HRZZ 5863Electric transport in glasses and glass Andrea Moguš-Milanković Andrea Moguš-Milanković
HRZZ 3115Investigation of complex multiferoic materials prepared by methods of solution Igor DjerđDajana Gašo Sokač, Ph.D.
HRZZ 7993Development of an integrated microsystem for biocatalytic biodiesel Bruno Zelić Marina Tišma
HRZZ 6949Trehalosis: improving the quality of fruit-based Mirela Mirela Kopjar, Anita Pichler
HRZZ 3365Vaccination of tomatoes relieves biotic stress caused by shielding Katja Katja Zanic, Slavko Perica
HRZZ 7235The link between flexibility, activity and structure in the family of dipeptidyl-peptidase Sanja Sanja Tomic, Ph.D. Mikhael Matovina
HRZZ 2945Impact of changes in thermal circulation in the eastern Mediterranean on planktonic communities in the southern Adriatic: ecological and genetic Mirna Batistić Davor Lucic
HRZZ 4764Ecological response of the northern Adriatic to climate change and anthropogenic Nastenjka Stupić Davor Lucic
HRZZ 2978Recombination, DNA repair and preservation of genome integrity: new Davor Davor Zahradka, Ksenia Zahradka
HRZZ 3733Satellite DNA in gene regulation and ecological Đurđica Ugarković Đurđica Ugarković
HRZZ 1481Age-dependent expression of membrane gears in Davorka Ivica Rubelj
HRZZ 7140Notch in differentiation of hematopoietic nut cells and in the development of Mariastefania Mariastefania Antica
HRZZ 7530New methodological approach to biogeochemical research on trace metal speciation in coastal aquatic ecosystems of Dario OmanovićDr. Sc. Marina Mlakar, Vlado Cuculić
HRZZ 8607Impact of environmental stress on the incidence and interaction of biologically important organic molecules and micronutrients in the marine Blaženka GasparovićDr. Sc. Marina Mlakar, Vlado Cuculić
HRZZ 9884Coastal nurseries: patterns and processes of demographic variability of sea fish along the eastern Adriatic Sanja Branko Glamuzina
HRZZ 5381The diversity and interactions of chestnuts, a pathogenic fungus that causes chestnut cancer and a virus that infects the fungus: the effect on chestnut Mirna Ćurković Rosemary Vuković
HRZZ 2324Pathophysiological consequences of changes in the composition of lipid Maria Valentina Pavić
HRZZ 3183Centromeric invertebrate Miroslav Miroslav Plohl
HRZZ 9737Wild vine Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris: a valuable source of vine breeding Goran Zdunić Goran Zdunić, Irena Budić-Leto
HRZZ 1194Clarification of varietal typicality of wines and olive oils from Croatian domestic Igor Lukić Irena Budić-Leto
HRZZ 4289Genomic and glycan biomarkers of Nela Nela Pivac
HRZZ 5660Mulitidisciplinary approach to the discovery of drugs with targeted action on tumor stem cells – the role of potassium Marijeta Marijeta King
HRZZ 4533Sirtuin 3 as an intermediary of mitochondrial function in estrogen-dependent resistance to oxidative stress and a high-fat Tihomir Marijana Popović Hadžija
HRZZ 1430Microsatellite instability (MSI and EMAST) in molecular profiling of sporadic colon Sanja Kapitanović Sanja Kapitanović, Tamara Cačev, Tanja Matijević Glavan
HRZZ 2799Molecular mechanism of neurodegeneration in Niemann-Pick disease type Silva Katušić Hećimović Silva Katušić Hećimović
HRZZ 9386Genetic mechanisms of lysosomal dysfunction in Parkinson's Fran Boroveč Silva Katušić Hećimović

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